Local kids win bookmark contest

The Springfield Library Bookmark Contest winners earn recognition at a council meeting Jan. 6, designing bookmarks in the theme of "Fizz, Boom, Read!" or "Spark a Reaction."

Local youth with a love for reading and a flair for art put their talents to use last October in the 33rd annual Children’s Bookmark Contest, held by the Springfield Public Library.

During a city council meeting Monday, Jan. 6, eleven winners were awarded out of more than 2,000 total who applied to the contest, showing the continued attraction of the event.

Younger students under middle-school age sent in bookmarks of the category “Fizz, Boom, Read!” and showed their creativity of interpretation. For teens, the theme was “Spark a Reaction,” requesting a higher level of consideration and demand for developing minds.

While 11 winners were selected, all 2,000 bookmarks will go on display at the library in the Springfield city hall building on 225 Fifth Street — a time-consuming project, but worth it for Springfield librarians. Winning bookmarks were printed professionally and distributed for patrons to purchase at the library throughout the year.

City councilors and mayor Christine Lundberg reflected on the generations of youth who have participated in the bookmark contest over the years – even now, as smartphones and Internet games are a favorite among many, kids still participate in the hands-on contest, using mediums of markers or colored pencils.

This year’s winners include:

1st grade: Karla Tobon
2nd grade: Austin Gibson
3rd grade: Hannah Skinner
4th grade: Devon Doster
5th grade: Whitney Murray
6th grade: Kate Walkup
7th grade: Gavin Cline
8th grade: Two winners — Emma Babcock, Leighanna Huston
9th grade: Anne Walkup
10th grade: Callysta Balcom